Cloud Backup Protection Account Access

Here you'll find everything you need to administer your account including access to your admin console,
software downloads and support services.

Please contact us should you require assistance.

Cloud Administration Console
Communication, reports, account administration and everything you need to manage your cloud backup.

Desktop Installer

macOS Client - 10.7 and above
Windows Client
- Windows 7 and above

Server Installer

macOS Client (Server) - 10.7 Server and above
Windows Client (Server)
- Windows Server 2008 and above

Restore Application

For Mac

(1) macOS Restore Key
(2) macOS Restore Utility

To restore data on the Mac please ensure you download the key and the utility.  Once downloaded, ensure that both files are stored in the same directory. Double click on the utility and the Restore application will download and automatically launch. You will need to download a new key for each restore session. 

For Windows

Windows Restore Application

Important Information

Please remember that you will need your account username, password and encryption key to restore data. Every backup set has it's own unique encryption key. If you require assistance with restoring your data then please click here.

CIT (UK) Cloud Support

Contact us

To speak to one of our support technicians please click here to submit a request for assistance. You can also reach us by emailing or by calling 01530 272727 and pressing option 1. Please ensure you mark your request as urgent if you require our emergency recovery service.