CIT (UK) Support Plans are designed to help you get the best out of your
Mac, PC, and Mobile Devices. It's all about improving the way your business runs.


Tailored Support for Business Large or Small

Unlike our competitors we provide comprehensive support to both Mac and PC users

Our Support Plans are designed to help you use Mac, PC, and your Mobile Devices to improve the way your business runs. We’ll set up your new PC or Apple products, help your employees to get the most out of them, and make sure everything stays working with dedicated support. Our Black and Signature Support Plans include unlimited on-site time and a more hands on approach so you can concentrate on doing what you do best – running your business.

If you require complementary support without the commitment of a support plan then please click here to learn about our Pay As You Go service.

Designed to give you flexibility over budget, Little Red provides the backup for when you need it and the piece of mind that we’re only a phone call away.

If it’s on your desk it’s covered!

Little Red is ideal for companies with between 2-50 employees. We only charge for registered users which means that if an employee has an iPad, iPhone and a Mac Pro, we’ll cover it all. If at a later date they acquire a MacBook Pro or a Dell Laptop, then we’ll support that too. That’s a great deal at just £65 per user!

Unlimited telephone & email support

Getting in touch with our support staff couldn’t be easier. You can contact us on our dedicated helpdesk telephone service; fire off a quick email to our support team, or reach us through our online portal. Best of all, it’s unlimited – call us as often as you need to.

Unlimited remote support

Sometimes the quickest way of dealing with a problem is to allow our support team remote access to your computer. From there, they can put their eyes and hands to work in rectifying your issue quickly. Our remote support software is secure and easy to use. You can even place a request for help and chat with our technicians right from within the support software – it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Access to the helpdesk management console

Place new calls, track existing ones, view all of the calls raised by your own employees from our online helpdesk management console.

A winning combination of affordable pricing and a great level of support, Red offers an advanced remote support solution to meet the demands of business critical needs.

Access to senior support technicians

You can be assured that your call will be expertly assessed and if the issue needs to be escalated it will be handed over to our second and third line support staff. This means that if your issue is more serious, you’re guaranteed of getting the right level of expertise when it counts.

Complimentary access to the Service Centre

Get one-on-one tech support from a trained specialist. We offer complementary access to our facility for triage and diagnosis as well as guidance and advice. For the more serious issues our concierge will provide an estimate of turnaround and if it’s something that’s broken and needs to be replaced, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to remedy the problem. We'll always prioritise your repairs to ensure the fastest turnaround. In addition you'll benefit by discounted rates for our services - exclusively provided to our supported clients.

*Repair labour costs are free of charge with the Business Black plan. Parts are automatically included with the Premium Black and Signature plans.

20% discount on chargeable work

From time to time you may require assistance with installation work or perhaps you would like us to visit your premises. Exclusive to support plan customers, we offer a 20% discount on any chargeable work – it’s just our little way of saying thank you for choosing us.

Asset tracking and inventory management

All of our plans benefit by our asset tracking and inventory management service, a great way of understanding what you have and how you’re using it, access to our online management console, and an annual audit and review.

As you might expect from CIT (UK), this service is a little bit special. If your company requires a more hands on approach, and remote support alone is simply not enough, then Black is your colour.

Complimentary access to the Service Centre with inclusive repair labour services

Not only are our triage and diagnostics services included, but almost our entire suite of labour services are available should you require them. These include advanced software repairs, system overhauls and all levels of our parts fitting programme. You’ll only ever pay for the parts – everything else is covered under your support plan.

*Parts are automatically included with the Premium Black and Signature plans. Data Recovery is not included.

Loaner programme

Sometimes repairs can take longer, particularly if we’re performing tests or we have parts on order. If you’re going to be without your computer for sometime, we’ll happily loan you a suitable replacement to keep you up and running. We have an extensive selection of Macs, PC’s and peripherals on standby in case you should need them.

Inclusive Onsite Support

If something cannot be rectified by remote support or over the telephone, an onsite visit will be arranged – with no additional cost to you, it’s all covered. Our field technicians are extremely experienced; they will assess your requirements before the visit and bring with them any necessary parts or equipment to get you back up and running quickly.

Extended hours of support from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday

We understand the importance of getting an earlier start, and there’s nothing more frustrating than getting into the office to find your computer won’t start up or Internet connection is down. With this in mind, if you have chosen to take out a CIT (UK) Black, Premium Black or Signature Support Plan, you can take comfort in knowing that our UK offices are open an extra hour in the morning from 8am and an extra hour in the evening until 6pm, just for you.

Annual Maintenance Visit

In this fast paced world, it’s really important to know what you have and how well it’s functioning. Once each year, we’ll organise a little bit of time with you to review your equipment, health check each system and provide advice on any changes which should be made. Of course, it’s not just about your equipment. It also provides a great opportunity to sit down and discuss anything that might be on your mind.

Weekly Server Maintenance Checks. New for 2019!!!

If your server is included on the support plan then we'll organise a routine maintenance session to check on your local backups and the status of the operating system, storage health and environmental controls. We'll ensure that your server's operating system and configuration is backed up, as well as your company data.


Premium Black is our most popular support plan. Boasting two additional service products - hardware cover and our data recovery service. Hardware failures and data loss cause considerable disruption and downtime. Our aim is to alleviate financial uncertainty, administrative delays and fallout that often result as a consequence.

Hardware Break/Fix Cover

If you experience an issue related to a hardware problem our Premium Black service provides the necessary assistance to get you back up and running quickly. We will replace any defective hardware and our in-house Service Centre boasts an impressive stock of parts for numerous brands to ensure priority cases are dealt with quickly.

Data Recovery

Have you ever deleted a file by accident? It’s actually one of the more common calls that we receive. However, not all is lost as we can assist with the recovery either by helping to retrieve your data from a backup or employing our own data recovery expertise. If a storage drive (such as a hard drive) has been damaged and cannot be read correctly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the data is lost. We have over a decade of experience with data recovery and you’ll be surprised with what can be achieved – and this service is exclusively available with Premium Black.

Workstation/System Monitoring Every 60 or 120 Minutes - New

This service enable us to proactively monitor the health of your computers remotely. Whenever an issue is detected, a ticket is automatically raised with our helpdesk team to take action before the situation escalates. We’ll keep an eye on the general health of your computers, monitoring the hardware, operating system and security. It’s likely that we’ll become aware of an issue before you do!

Vulnerability Scanning & Patch Management - New

With Ransomware and security threats on the increase, it’s vital that your systems remain patched and up-to-date. Our solution handles every aspect of Windows, Mac and third-party application patch management. With live reporting, we’ll quickly identify any computer which might be compromised on your network. We’ll ensure that critical updates, hotfixes and security vulnerabilities are patched and applied without delay.


We understand that this isn’t a 9 till 5 world. Many businesses operate around the clock, and when most of us are in bed, our suppliers or clients continue to trade. CIT (UK) Signature is designed to provide a full suite of first-class services including out of hours support for business critical issues, 24/7 workstation and server monitoring  and policy management.

24/7/365 helpdesk support

We are committed to providing assistance to our clients out-side of normal business hours. With our After Hours service you will receive assistance from our technicians over the telephone and by means of remote support for weekday evenings between 6pm – 8am and weekend hours. Your call doesn’t need to be an emergency and you can contact us as often as you like!

Policy management

With this service we’ll configure and distribute settings to iOS devices and Mac computers in your organisation, school or business. We can quickly configure large numbers of devices with the settings, apps and books your organization requires. Depending upon your requirements, we can put passcode & encryption enforcement into place, remote locate, wipe or lock the device and implement security policies to help protect your Macs and Mobile Devices from theft or misuse.

Prices are based on an annual plan and exclusive of VAT.


  • support hours
  • helpdesk response
  • telephone assist
  • remote assist
  • email support
  • annual review
  • loyalty discounts
  • escalated support
  • service centre care
  • inventory audit
  • loan programme
  • on-site support
  • maintenance visits
  • wkly server checks
  • hardware cover
  • system monitoring
  • patch managed
  • 24/7/365 support
  • policy manager
  • Little
    Red entry level support plan
  • £130
  • 9-5
  • Within one day
  • Enquire Now
  • Business
    Red essentials for business
  • £169
  • 9-5
  • Within 2 hours
  • Enquire Now
  • Business
    Black advanced business
  • £240
  • 8-6
  • Within 1 hour
  • Enquire Now
  • Premium
    Black most popular service
  • £341
  • 8-6
  • Priority
  • Enquire Now

  • Signature ultimate, 24/7 support
  • £POA
  • 24/7
  • Priority
  • Enquire Now
Complimentary access to our facility for triage and diagnosis. A 20% discount applies on other repair labour services.
All repair labour services included. No charges apply for system overhauls, data migration, parts fittings etc. Does not include Data Recovery.