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15Feb 2021

Macs and viruses aren’t all that common, but the one that was recently discovered by researchers is even less so. Security researcher Red Canary has published information about a new “activity cluster” that has infected 29,139 Macs across more than 150 countries but is missing one key ingredient: a reason to be. In the report, […]

27Jan 2021

Will Apple announce new products in February? We evaluate likely contenders for updates, from the AirTag and AirPods to Apple TV So far this year Apple has launched a Racial Equity and Justice Initiatives project to fight educational and economic inequality, but it hasn’t launched any new products – which isn’t really that surprising right […]

18Dec 2020

CIT (UK) announced today that it’s adding Cloud Backup File Protection for all workstations covered under the Premium Black and Signature support plans. SquirrelArk cloud backup safeguards your files from disasters such as file corruption, accidental deletion, theft, viruses and hardware failure. SquirrelArk backs up your files to the Cloud (as an off-site backup) so […]