Don’t lose your data with our
    Managed Cloud Backup
    Using our secure online workspace send
    and share files with your colleagues

CIT (UK) Managed Cloud Services

Everything you need to store, backup and communicate

CIT (UK) Cloud Services simplifies IT management by eliminating the need to deploy and manage in-house servers. Easy to setup our cloud services work comfortably on top of your current IT environment without sacrificing functionality.

  • Business Email

    Using your own domain enjoy
    full-featured enterprise-class email
    and more; without the hassle of
    managing your own server.

  • Backup Protection

    Your files, always protected, wherever
    you go. Online backup from just £7.50
    per month for 50GB of storage and
    just £3 per additional device.

  • Email Security

    You’re protected against hacking and
    malicious attacks with SSL encryption,
    S/MIME, anti-spam and antivirus
    tools, and more!

  • Backup Securely

    If you're looking to secure your online
    data, you’re in the right place. CIT (UK)
    offers you the choice of 128-bit or
    256-bit AES encryption.